RPG Programming is Not Dead
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RPG Programming is Not Dead

Numerous municipalities still use RPG on an AS/400.  I know what you are saying to yourself – “Wait, there are still AS/400s out there?  I thought IBM killed them off a while ago?”  Well, yes.  IBM is not promoting AS/400s anymore, but there is a migration path.  Research Power Systems and I-series.  This quick blog is about the application and resources that maintain them. 

Many organizations have long since migrated from the mid-range computing platform, and institutions of higher education have taken note and dropped the programming language.  RPG programmers tend to be mature and are starting to see the lights of the retirement train.  Additionally, the typical RPG program application is not glamorous by today’s development standard, but RPG programming is very much alive.  The RPG programming language drives several enterprise resource planning (ERP), scheduling, and financial applications.  A large community of mid-range user still exist.  Many of these users are in the public or government space where migration, due to budget restrictions are a bit tougher.  Fortunately, resources are willing to help you convert or maintain your RPG code.  Let us know if we can help.           

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